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A Nite At The Races - Re-create the atmosphere of being at the race track. Rental includes horse races on video or 16mm motion picture films, official race track programs, wagering tickets, daily doubles, play money & more. (800-252-7373) [Fundraiser Company based in: Jupiter, Florida]

Wesleyan Thespians - Mystery dinner kits. Can fund raisers be fun raisers?? Absolutely!! Wesleyan Thespian Mystery Dinner Kits include scripts, clues, solutions and detailed instructions on how to present mystery dinner performances which we would like to share with your church or organization. (e-mail ) [Fundraiser Company based in: Marshfield, Massachusetts]
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Vista Studios - Offering the most unique and profitable programs available for schools, churches, etc. Family portraits, glamour photos, etc. Earn 100-300% profit with no investment! We send professional photographers to your location. Working with groups nationwide! (800-704-0471) [Fundraiser Company based in: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania] Special Events, Portrait

Matchmaker - Increase school spirit and raise money by providing your students with a list of their most compatible fellow students! Put the fun back in fundraising! [Fundraiser Company based in: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada]

All About Golf Tournament Planning - Free golf tournament planning report shows anyone how to plan and operate a golf event for fun & profit simply and easily at . [Fundraiser Company based in: Conneaut, Ohio]

Golf Marketing Worldwide, LLC - Golf Marketing helps support fund raising and charity events. Let us help you with your next event. In addition to our diversified Hole-in-One insurance coverage for golf events, we also insure all other sports and advertising promotions.

Quest Experiences - Ultimate Treasure Hunts - the ebook. Plan a fresh new fundraising event that everyone can get excited about. A step-by-step guide to planning an amazing themed treasure hunt. [Fundraiser Company based in: Fountain Valley, California]

Poster Fairs - Raise money for your college club or organization by selling posters on campus. Request a free info packet. [Fundraiser Company based in: Derry, New Hampshire]

Funny Guy Productions - No risk, little work. We produce large scale professional comedy shows while providing the marketing materials, tickets, press release, sound, lighting and much more. [Fundraiser Company based in: Prospect, Connecticut]

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 Fundraising Idea All Star 1 Fundraising - 60% Profit: Make $7.20, Cookie Dough or 5-pack Mini Pizzas; $6.00, 12" Pizza or Candle; $7.50, Pretzels; $3.00, Caramel Corn or Healthy Snacks. Since 1985, from Oklahoma City. Serving all 48 states. No 'up-front' money! 1/800/642-4766

 Fundraising Idea The Perfect Candle Fundraiser - LOOK NO FURTHER! Our candle fundraisers are PROVEN time and time again to be among the best in fundraising! Your supporters will love these candles! Give them something worthy of their donation! No waiting for YOUR money! FREE brochures.

Scratch Card Fundraising Scratch & Help Fundraiser - 90% Profit Fundraising! Visit us for a FREE sample. Each donor receives $50 in valuable coupons. A fast and easy fundraiser serving all of America.

Canle Fundraising We've Simplified Fundraising! - Up to 90% profit - No money up-front - Free Shipping - Best Choice: M&M and Hershey candy bars, scratch cards, lollipops, cookie dough, candles and much more! Request FREE Fundraising Info NOW! OR Call Toll Free 1-888-440-4114

Group Fundraising FundRaising.Com - High Profit for YOUR group! - We specialize in large and small groups and have the #1 selection of fast selling and high profit products. Choose from scratch cards, custom label bottled water, lollipops, beef jerky, Hershey's, Domino's Pizza Cards, cookie dough, etc. Click here to order a free fundraising catalog of ideas or call 1-800-443-5353.

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