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Keep up to date with the latest news and items of interest right here in the pages of the, "Fundraiser Finder News". Each day we search for articles concerning fundraising and philanthropy and present them here for your convenience. When you click the [Full Story] a new window will open bringing you to the original source. If you have a newsworthy item that you feel belongs in these pages, please contact us.

OPPORTUNITY Knocks for Fundraising Pair MyTown Hawke's Bay - Hawke's Bay,New Zealand ... Sylvie Gibbins, fundraising, communications and marketing manager, said op shops provided affordable clothing, raised money for charity and ..

Red Cross Relief Money Runs Out
The special fund that the American Red Cross uses to help victims of hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters has run out of money, officials said yesterday. [ Full Story ]

Microsoft Announces Partners in Learning to Provide Much-Needed Technology Access and Training for Education
Microsoft Corp.'s Partners in Learning initiative recognizes the educational value of technology in schools. Global in scope and local in implementation, this initiative provides a significant investment of software and more than $250 million (U.S.) in cash grants worldwide over the next five years to deliver information and communication technology skills training, tailored curriculum development, technical support, and research funds and resources to students and teachers..... [ Full Story ]

Henry Winkler Speaking at Scholarship Fundraiser
A well-known actor and television director will speak at a benefit dinner and celebrity autograph auction Tuesday night, benefiting the Brian LaViolette ...
[ Full Story ]

Fundraising campaign set for music classes
The district's parent fundraising group, known as School-Force, has discovered that task is more daunting than anticipated.... [ Full Story ]

Bike Ride for Cancer Surpasses Fundraising Goal
t was the best so far. In its sixth year, the Wildwood Challenge was the most successful it has ever been in raising funds for cancer on ride day June 28. But this year the event had a more special meaning for the children who participated, as they had the chance to meet the guest of honor, a nine-year-old boy diagnosed with leukemia. [ Full Story ]

Toy raises little cash for charity
AUTHORITIES are investigating the sale of thousands of toy polar bears in southeast Queensland amid claims that charity groups have received little of promised funds. Up to 5000 polar bears, priced at $20-$50, were sold from the front counters of businesses in Brisbane and the Gold Coast after distributors claimed part of the proceeds of each sale was going to sick and disabled people.... [ Full Story ]

Travel guide dogs
THESE pups are sending Sandy Hollins and Ben Zammit to Nepal. Ms Hollins and Mr Zammit have signed up for the Guide Dogs Victoria Charity Challenge
[ Full Story ]

National Fundraiser for Bulletproof Vests
A successful South Carolina campaign to raise money for bulletproof vests for police is now being expanded nationally, the Criminal Justice Funding Report said
In-Vest USA, a project founded by businessman Michael Letts, raised $250,000 for vests through grassroots com.... [ Full Story ]

Close Shave Student Back in Class
A Brisbane schoolboy punished because he shaved his head for charity will be allowed back with his schoolmates. A spokeswoman for Education Queensland said 16-year-old Mark Collins would be allowed to return to normal classes at Mansfield High School on Brisbane's southside [ Full Story ]

Clapton Plays Fundraising Gig - for School Equipment
- UK - Eric Clapton is performing a special concert at his daughter's school to raise cash for music and computer equipment. Clapton's 17-year-old daughter Ruth is a sixth-former at independent Birkdale School in Sheffield. The rock star has agreed to help with the school hall event which will also benefit the drug rehabilitation.... [ Full Story ]

Private Schools Also Feeling Economic Squeeze
Private schools are feeling the financial pinch, too. Endowment funds have shrunk. Requests for financial aid are up. And in some cases, classes and people are being cut. While the nation's financial doldrums aren't pressing
[ Full Story ]

Reeve defends fundraising visit
- News Interactive, Australia- SUPERMAN star Christopher Reeve has said he hoped his fundraising efforts would benefit those disability groups critical of his pending visit to Australia... [ Full Story ]

Groups Report Progress with Online Fundraising
- It's not the answer to all fundraising problems, but the Internet is proving to be ever more useful to nonprofits looking for money and supporters, Wired reported Dec. 02...Second Harvest report that their Internet donations have doubled year-over-year... [ Full Story ]

Founder of USC Charity Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Donors
- SANTA ANA, Calif. - The founder of a charity purportedly established to help fund University of Southern California research on kidney disease pleaded guilty Monday to defrauding donors of $147,000. He also admitted charging USC nearly ... [ Full Story ]

Charity Begins with a Fiscal Checkup
The Charity Navigator Web site helps you figure out whether a nonprofit has its financial house in order before you make a donation. [ Full Story ]

Southern kindness, Yankee stinginess persist in charity, according to 'generosity index'
BOSTON (AP) -- Southerners still take the prize when it comes to charitable giving, though a few Yankee states are making progress toward shedding their stingy reputations... [ Full Story ]

Target School Fundraising Awards $13.2 Million to Nation's Schools
MINNEAPOLIS, /PRNewswire/ -- In the second check payout of the year, schools across the country received $13.2 million from the Target School Fundraising program. K-12 schools can use the dollars for anything from books to playgrounds or classes to special events... [ Full Story ]

12 year-old girl charged for rip-off fundraising
TORONTO — Toronto Police want to hear from residents who may have been defrauded by a 12 year-old girl who passed herself off as a fundraiser. ... [ Full Story ]

Court to hear fundraising free-speech case
WASHINGTON, (UPI) -- The Supreme Court Monday agreed to review whether professional fundraisers can be prosecuted when they claim donations will be used for a specific charity but keep most of the money for themselves. ... [ Full Story ]

Does Catholic Church Fundraising Promote Gambling?
When any Catholic group is doing fundraising, they have to be very careful of the method used to raise money, Archbishop Thomas Collins told the WCR. "They have to make sure the method they use does not harm people," Collins said in a March telephone interview. "Gambling is becoming bigger and bigger. It raises a very real concern... [ Full Story ]

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