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New York Fundraising
New York Fundraiser Ideas

Premium New York Fundraisers        
 Fundraising Idea eFundraising - World's Leading Fundraising Company. The youngest division of QSP Reader's Digest that offers proven fundraising programs at up to 90% profit. Call us now for your free gift raising up to $100. Call 1-800-561-8338. [eFundraising based in: Champlain]

Gift Card Fundraising Idea Gift Cents Fundraising - Scrip center, offers gift certificates, discount books and gift cards for national and regional retailers as a fund raiser for your non-profit organization. Fundraising has never been easier! [Fundraiser based in: Huntington, New York] NY

Portrait Fundraising IdeaKavanagh Fundraising Portraits - Kavanagh photography offers fundraising programs suited to organizations of all types. No investment! High profits! High quality fundraising portraits! Check out our great references! [Fundraising program available in New York] NY

Scratch Card Fundraising GO Fundraising - Top 3 Promotional Fundraising Programs in America * GO! ScratchPacks - $90 profit per seller, super coupons. Guaranteed! * The astounding GO!Card savings card honored at up to 40,000 retailers. * The GO! Value Check Book, 32 super discount offers. Call 1-800-564-9992 [Scratchcard Fundraiser based in: New York, NY]

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Alternative Fundraising - New York - Offering the money does grow on trees program in which plants, trees, shrubs, and other products are pre-sold to you and shipped directly to your supporters. Great fundraiser! [Fundraising Company based in: Southampton, New York] NY - The youngest division of Reader’s Digest and QSP, offers quality fundraiser service and an extensive choice of proven fundraising programs. Make up to 90% profit. [Fundraising Company based in: Champlain, New York] NY Fundraiser - Flamingo flocking is a great way to raise funds for your church, group, or organization. Visit our website for flamingo fundraising needs. [Fundraising Company based in: Port Jervis, New York] NY

Fundraiser-123 - See our turnkey fundraising programs which are designed to be easy, efficient and profitable. There is little or No paperwork since products are in hand at time of sale. No second visits! Fundraiser123 [Fundraising Company based in: Watertown, New York] NY

Molyn Fundraiser - In-school holiday fundraiser program with an ever-changing assortment of holiday selections that everyone can afford! Huge selection of gifts, brochures, candy program, scratch cards. [Fundraising Company based in: Staten Island, New York] NY

Social Tees Fundraiser - The easiest fundraiser around! Earn money for your school, church or group by selling these socially conscious tees. [Fundraising Company based in: New York, New York] NY

Intellikaps Fundraisers - Gifts and scents for your fundraiser event. [Fundraising Company based in: Wantagh, New York] NY

Fundraising with Pride Bears - 8 inch, collectible bears, personalized with your organizations name, logo and color. The bears are embroidered on the back, feet and chest. You pick the color, bow and embroidery. We do the rest. The Pride Bears fundraiser is profitable and flexible. [Fundraising Company based in: Buffalo, New York] NY

GO! Fundraising - $90 profit per seller and more. Best coupons value to supporters: over $50 in value for every scratch. Risk-free fundraiser, guarantee. Custom cards and custom coupons available. Get started in days! Free sample kit. Call 1-800-564-9992. [Fundraising Company based in: New York, New York] NY

Tracy Hamilton Fundraiser - Gifts, candy, stationery, costume jewelry, house wares, and more. Our catalogs and brochures offer hundreds of items that are perfect for fundraiser groups everywhere. [Fundraising Company based in: Freeport, New York] NY

Country Press Fundraiser - Country Press offers a wide range of ideas for fundraiser activities, which we have provided for organizations, clubs, churches, families, etc. [Fundraising Company based in: Mohawk, New York] NY

TW Enterprises Fundraiser - Are you tired of selling candy bars and raffle tickets? National fundraiser programs offer guaranteed profits for any size organization. First aid kits, scratch cards, and more. (315-729-9749) [Fundraising Company based in: Camillus, New York] NY

Sangamon Mills Fundraisers - Offers 100% all cotton dishcloths for fundraisers by churches, schools, auxiliaries, and scouts. For use around the home, office, or work shop. [Fundraising Company based in: Cohoes, New York] NY

Collegiate Promotions Fundraising - Offering the finest fundraisers in custom lapel pins, key rings, paperweights, bookmarks, crystal and many other products. [Fundraising Company based in: Plainview, New York] NY

North Shore Fundraiser Monuments - selling monuments, gravestones, and fundraiser bricks. Services include bronze and stone restoration, sculpture, and lettering and engraving. [Fundraising Company based in: Brookville, New York] NY

Uncle Jerry's Fundraiser T's - Most popular t-shirt fundraiser company featuring officially licensed Looney Tunes, Scooby Doo, Sponge Bob Squarepants, Powerpuff Girls, sports, and environmental designs. Free shipping, High profits & individually packed orders. Easiest most successful sale you'll ever do. [Fundraising Company based in: Port Chester, New York] NY Fundraiser - America’s most profitable fundraiser product! Make up to 90% profit with this fast and easy fundraiser. No money up front and up to $50 worth of valuable brand name and local sponsor coupons.

Most Fundraiser Calendar - Custom, top-quality, 11" x 17", family gift calendars personalized with your favorite photographs and important dates. $10/ fundraiser calendar sold for your organization! [Fundraising Company based in: Brooklyn, New York] NY

Custom Studios Fundraiser - Turn a photo into beautiful fundraiser cards ! Publicize your organization while raising funds. We'll convert a good-quality photo into distinctive Christmas or note cards. [Fundraising Company based in: Tappan, New York] NY

Michael Edward Fundraisers - New Christian fundraiser idea. Christian collectible cards. You make 33% profit. Spread the Gospel while earning money for your organization. [Fundraising Company based in: Nedrow, New York] NY

Joseph's Fundraiser Catering Service - We are a full service catering establishment. We do any fundraiser. [Fundraising Company based in: Depew, New York] NY

Just Fundraiser - The Web’s largest fundraising store. We guarantee the highest profit on all of America’s favorite fundraiser programs - M&M and Hershey candy bars, scratch cards, brochures, lollipops, cookie dough, candles and much more! Request your free samples now!

Silver Graphics Fundraiser - Full color reproduction of children's artwork on t-shirts, bags, and mugs to create unique gifts for family and school fundraiser. [Fundraising Company based in: Glenville, New York] NY

Van Bourgondien Fundraising - A great way to help a good cause and bring beauty to your home and neighborhood! Sell fundraiser flower bulbs and perennials. [Fundraising Company based in: Babylon, New York] NY

KraftWraps Fundraiser - Our quality gift wraps, appealing designs and beautiful accessories have been sold through various organizations throughout the country with rewarding results. Nice fundraiser. [Fundraising Company based in: W. Nyack, New York] NY

Dodger Fundraiser Theatricals - Producing Broadway since 1978. Check our current fundraiser productions. [Fundraising Company based in: New York, New York] NY

Original Works Fundraisers - Artwork fund raiser that transfers student's artwork onto magnets, t-shirts, notebooks, postcards and much more. [Fundraising Company based in: Stillwater, New York] NY

Square 1 Fundraising Art - Unique fundraiser! Finally, a program parents will thank you for doing! Their own children's art made into unique products. Free preview magnets! [Fundraising Company based in: Amsterdam, New York] NY

Superior Fundraising - Magazines for the serious fundraiser groups only. Candy, giftwrap, brochures, prizes. [Fundraising Company based in: Island Park, New York] NY

Donorwall Fundraiser - The premiere company for donor walls and donor recognition. [Fundraising Company based in: New York, New York] NY

Ready Fund Raising Company - Our company is a national wholesale fund raising company, providing programs for schools and organizations fundraisers. [Fundraising Company based in: Troy, New York] NY

St. Pauly Fundraiser Textiles - Raise funds, get clothing to people who can use it in the U.S. and in 3rd World countries, and reduce the amount of useable clothing going into landfills. [Fundraising Company based in: Rochester, New York] NY

The Colton Fundraiser Group - Comprehensive synagogue consultants. Educational and fundraiser specialists. [Fundraising Company based in: New York, New York] NY

Art Auction Fundraiser - Provides organizations with a complete turn-key package to raise unlimited funds through online art and goods and service auctions. Sizable fundraiser commission on all items sold. [Fundraising Company based in: Holbrook, New York] NY

Universal School Fundraiser Products - Your source for candy fundraising. We offer the most popular candy and snack products to insure a spectacular fundraiser for your organization. [Fundraising Company based in: Yonkers, New York] NY

Earth Day New York Fundraiser - Raise funds while making a difference for our global environment! Compact fluorescent light bulbs help prevent global warming, are energy-efficient, and save the buyer money on their energy bill. [Fundraising Company based in: New York, New York] NY

Benefit Fundraiser Events - Online fundraiser auction services: custom applications and design, strategy and event consultation. [Fundraising Company based in: New York, New York] NY

Radar Sports Fundraiser - The means for which fundraisers are created. A trained representative will come and run the event for you. [Fundraising Company based in: Long Beach, New York] NY

Cave Fundraisers - Only God can make a tree, but your congregation can make a Tree of Life. Bronze Tree of Life dedication plaques have been used successfully in churches and synagogues for decades. Wonderful fundraiser! [Fundraising Company based in: Old Westbury, New York] NY

Holy Shirt! Fundraiser - Custom printed fundraiser clothing and novelties. We can handle any size group for any occasion. [Fundraising Company based in: Syracuse, New York] NY

Schoolwide Fundraiser - Student-operated school fundraiser bookstores sell discounted books for classroom and school libraries, and reading and writing curriculum. [Fundraising Company based in: Bohemia, New York] NY

Funding Solutions - Funding Solutions creates new and innovative fundraiser products and initiatives for non-profit organizations. [Fundraising Company based in: New York, New York] NY

Guidance In Giving Fundraiser - On-site counsel for all types of Catholic fundraiser efforts. Campaign plans designed by the firm utilize techniques that were developed over the years and are continuously tested and refined. [Fundraising Company based in: Bayport, New York] NY

Mody Fundraiser - The pitch-a-thon and kick-a-thon programs are an exciting fundraiser, interactive fund raisers with proven success. [Fundraising Company based in: Norwich, New York] NY

Community Fundraiser Service - Provides fundraiser consulting services including feasibility studies, capital campaigns, prospect research, public relations, case developments, and development audits. [Fundraising Company based in: New York, New York] NY

Sanky Perlowin Fundraisers - Provides direct-mail and website fundraiser for non-profits. [Fundraising Company based in: New York, New York] NY

Kristin V. Rehder Fundraisering - Campaign communications and fundraiser communications services. [Fundraising Company based in: Saratoga Springs, New York] NY

Jolly Good Fundraising - Your #1 source for fundraiser products in the Champlain Valley and beyond. [Fundraising Company based in: Morrisonville, New York] NY

lil da vinci Fundraiser - The fundraiser where parents, family and friends purchase color greeting cards and calendars created from their own child's artwork. [Fundraising Company based in: New York, New York] NY

Undercover Fundraiser Bookwear - Book-Ease fundraiser book jackets are made of stretchable spandex fabric so you can instantly cover all your books without measuring, taping, gluing or cutting. [Fundraising Company based in: Hopewell Junction, New York] NY

New Fundraiser Enterprises - Supports change for organizations and individuals through books, videos, and training on grant writing, business start-up, and workplace gender issues. [Fundraising Company based in: Syracuse, New York] NY

Champion Vending U.S.A. Fundraisers - We service over 300 schools in the New York City area. We work with companies such as Pepsi, Snapple, and Frito Lay, to provide school fundraiser programs to schools. [Fundraising Company based in: Brooklyn, New York] NY

Gift Cents Fundraiser - A scrip center that offers coupons and gift certificates for national and regional retailers as a fundraiser for non-profit organizations. [Fundraising Company based in: Huntington, New York] NY

Fowler's FundraiserChocolate - Manufacturing and retailing fine fundraiser chocolates since 1910. Famous for sponge candy, assorted boxed chocolates and recently truffaloes. [Fundraising Company based in: Buffalo, New York] NY

Human-i-Tees Fundraiser - Over 12 years of environmental and educational fundraisers. [Fundraising Company based in: Valhalla, New York] NY

Changing Our World Fundraiser - A full-service national fundraiser and philanthropic services company. [Fundraising Company based in: New York, New York] NY

Resource Development Fundraising - Helps organizations tap the flow of new resources and create productive fundraiser and marketing relationships. [Fundraising Company based in: Dobbs Ferry, New York] NY

Rich List Fundraiser Company - The Rich List Company provides the best, up-to-date mail and phone lists of wealthy investors, donors, buyers, and businesses. A must for all fundraisers! [Fundraising Company based in: Wainscott, New York] NY

BrittenMedia Fundraiser - We offer the highest quality banners and signage products for fundraisers. [Fundraising Company based in: Traverse City, New York] NY

C&D Fundraiser Services - Simple no cost fundraisers that turn trash into cash! Collecting empty inkjet, and laser cartridges for cash. Also, new cartridge sales are available for your group fundraiser. [Fundraising Company based in: Fairport, New York] NY

Church Fundraising Services - Stewardship program with precise directions to create more good givers with carefully crafted, specifically targeted handwritten letters. [Fundraising Company based in: Freeport, New York] NY

Featured Fundraisers                            
 Fundraising Idea All Star 1 Fundraising - 60% Profit: Make $7.20, Cookie Dough or 5-pack Mini Pizzas; $6.00, 12" Pizza or Candle; $7.50, Pretzels; $3.00, Caramel Corn or Healthy Snacks. Since 1985, from Oklahoma City. Serving all 48 states. No 'up-front' money! 1/800/642-4766

 Fundraising Idea The Perfect Candle Fundraiser - LOOK NO FURTHER! Our candle fundraisers are PROVEN time and time again to be among the best in fundraising! Your supporters will love these candles! Give them something worthy of their donation! No waiting for YOUR money! FREE brochures.

Scratch Card Fundraising Scratch & Help Fundraiser - 90% Profit Fundraising! Visit us for a FREE sample. Each donor receives $50 in valuable coupons. A fast and easy fundraiser serving all of America.

Canle Fundraising We've Simplified Fundraising! - Up to 90% profit - No money up-front - Free Shipping - Best Choice: M&M and Hershey candy bars, scratch cards, lollipops, cookie dough, candles and much more! Request FREE Fundraising Info NOW! OR Call Toll Free 1-888-440-4114

Group Fundraising FundRaising.Com - High Profit for YOUR group! - We specialize in large and small groups and have the #1 selection of fast selling and high profit products. Choose from scratch cards, custom label bottled water, lollipops, beef jerky, Hershey's, Domino's Pizza Cards, cookie dough, etc. Click here to order a free fundraising catalog of ideas or call 1-800-443-5353.

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