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Texas Fundraising
Texas Fundraiser Ideas

Premium Texas Fundraisers                
Allstar1 Fundraising - Fundraisers All Star 1 Fund Raising - 60% Profit: Make $7.20, Cookie Dough or 5-pack Mini Pizzas; $6.00, 12" Pizza or Candle; $7.50, Pretzels; $3.00, Caramel Corn or Healthy Snacks. Since 1985, from Oklahoma City. Serving all 48 states. No 'up-front' money! 1/800/642-4766

Great Texas Fundraising Idea We put the "FUN" in Texas FUNDRAISING - Increase your School SPIRIT & PROFIT with the new 3 in 1 TURN IT UP® Cup, the fountain cupholder that is also a noisemaker & megaphone! Buy 100 Cups for $150, make $350 profit (233%). Personalized one color logo included! [Fundraiser serving all of Texas]

Texas Fundraising Ideas Easy Texas Fundraisers - THROWS, TOTE BAGS, SPIRIT PACKS, & MORE! Custom Spirit Throws, Custom Tapestry Throws, Tapestry Tote Bags, Spirit Bags, Wall Hangings, Pillows, Garment Bags And More for great fund-raisers. Great prices, low minimums for fundraisers. 817-379-6900 [Fundraiser based in: Texas]

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More Texas Fundraisers                    
Fundraising Time - Offering 50% profit on cookie dough with no minimums. Specializing in personalized plush animal fundraising. Many great ideas to choose from.

soapforkids: Finally a unique fundraiser that sells. Cartoon Character Toy Soaps including SpongeBob, Disney and more. Click over for a free sample. [Fundraiser based in: Waxahachie, Texas] TX

High School Fundraisers !! Fundraising Ideas, Projects, Consultant - Offers School Fundraising Ideas & Projects for Students. High School Fundraisers specializes in helping people earn money online. It offers a simple solution to raising money for your school.

Avia Fundraising Candles - Provides schools, organizations and sporting teams with fragrant fundraiser candles through a network of independent representatives nationwide. [Fundraising Company based in: Lubbock, Texas] TX

Texas Team Fundraising - Not all fundraising companies are the same. Texas Team fundraiser serves west and central Texas. [Fundraising Company based in: San Angelo, Texas] TX

R Weaver Apiaries Fundraiser - Your organization can make big profits selling Weaver's Honey FundraiserBears. A mark-up of 100% is common. [Fundraising Company based in: Navasota, Texas] TX

Minority Network Fundraiser- Looking for a great fundraiser? The Minority Network Program can help! There is no startup cash needed and The Minority Network Discount Card is easy to sell. [Fundraising Company based in: Dallas, Texas] TX

Resource Fundraiser Services - Resource Services, Inc. (RSI) has conducted over 5200 capital stewardship programs since 1972. RSI's belief that churches can successfully raise money through a spiritual approach has resulted in more than $6.2 billion raised. [Fundraising Company based in: Dallas, Texas] TX

Terry Cox Fundraising - Fundraiser supercenter, best product selection, no risk! Organization + motivation + the right product = $$$. Pre-sorted orders, prizes, catalogs, brochures, cookie dough, discount cards, bath body, candles candy. [Fundraising Company based in: Tyler, Texas] TX

Rice -O- Namey Fundraiser - 60% fundraiser profit. Unique holographic keychain with your name on a grain of rice and in four languages: English, Japanese, Hindi and Greek. Sixteen page catalog. [Fundraising Company based in: Baytown, Texas] TX

CanMor Fundraiser Candles -Make up to 50% profit! No start up cost no hassle! Quality container candles. Free shipping on all fundraisers! [Fundraising Company based in: Gladewater, Texas] TX

T Bar Candle Fundraiser - T Bar Candle are hand poured, triple scented, soy based container candles. Choose from either the 16 oz apothecary jar, the 9 oz square candle or both. ;Earn up to 50% profit on your fundraiser sales. [Fundraising Company based in: Austin, Texas] TX

EZ Fundraising - Lollipops, candy, sports key chains. Welcome to the most exciting and EZ way to raise money! All of our fundraiser programs come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and You earn at least a 50% profit. [Fundraising Company based in: Houston, Texas] TX

Southwest Fundraiser Candles - Everyone loves candles. Easy to sell. 50% profit. No up front cost. $1,000-$10,000 potential. Year round fundraiser. We manufacture our candles from an exclusive formula of three types of wax and extra fragrance so they burn longer and smell stronger than ordinary candles. [Fundraising Company based in: Wichita Falls, Texas] TX

Parent PC Patrol Fundraiser - Allows parents to feel secure in allowing their children to explore and learn safely on the Internet. You simply will not find an easier, more profitable fundraiser! There is no inventory to order, pay for, maintain, secure, account for or return. This also means no collections! [Fundraising Company based in: Dallas, Texas] TX

Result$ Fundraising - When it comes to raising funds for your group, the Savings Card fundraiser is a great choice for everyone. [Fundraising Company based in: New Braunfels, Texas] TX

Oliver Pecan Fundraisers - Provides orchard fresh pecans and hand made pecan candies from the own orchards and candy kitchen for your fundraiser needs. [Fundraising Company based in: San Saba, Texas] TX

Sam's Fundraiser Wholesale Candyland - We can help your organization raise money by selling the finest in brand name candies that are proven fundraiser sellers. [Fundraising Company based in: Corpus Christi, Texas] TX

HolyBears Fundraiser - HolyBears™ teddy bears were originally conceived as a way for religious organizations, churches and schools to raise funds to support their activities, and to promote the message of the Holy Bible. [Fundraising Company based in: Houston, Texas] TX

Just for Wicks Candle Fundraiser - 50%, 60% or more profit! Each fundraiser sells 5 containers, 28 fragrances, and all are pre-packaged with each seller's order ready to be distributed. No minimums. [Fundraising Company based in: Sugarland, Texas] TX

Abbe Fundraiser - Provides fundraiser consulting and training to educational and nonprofit organizations, focusing on women, minorities and volunteer board development. [Fundraising Company based in: Arlington, Texas] TX

Heart of Texas Fundraiser - We have dough to dollars, candles for cash, the Christmas shop, lollypoplane spirit Items fundraisers. [Fundraising Company based in: Whitney, Texas] TX

Thomas Fundraising - Featuring gourmet fundraiser cookie dough, creamy cheesecake, pizza, Omaha steaks, Spring Creek candles, CD software and multi-item brochures. Also, 'order and sell' Lowery beef jerky, Walk With Jesus candles, M & M products, $Dollar candy bars, donation cards, magazines and raffle products. (800-583-7858) [Fundraising Company based in: Odessa, Texas] TX

Top-of-Texas Fundraiser - Cookie dough Biomat fundraisers for K-12, school, PTA, church, scout groups. We've recently added "frosted cake" candles, and Biomat's 'Patriotic Garden' which blooms into an American flag! [Fundraising Company based in: Lubbock, Texas] TX

Engravestone Fundraiser - Custom engraved bricks pavers. Organizing a fundraiser campaign for a building or revitalization project, maintenance, scholarships? We specialize in producing custom engraved personalized bricks for schools, hospitals, playgrounds and parks, universities, churches & municipalities. High profit margins successful projects. (800-336-4728) [Fundraising Company based in: Mason, Texas] TX Fundraiser - America's leader in raising money gives you all the choices at no risk to you. Over 1000 fundraiser products (catalogs, cookie dough, candles, candy, gifts and wrap plus much more) will maximize your profits. 800-241-3339 or e-mail. [Fundraising Company based in: Austin, Texas] TX

Perkins Fundraiser - Candy, cookies, meat snacks, novelty items. Everything you need for your fundraiser. [Fundraising Company based in: Tyler, Texas] TX

Dough Maker$ Fundraiser - We offer profitable and easy fundraisers for your organization using our fine selection of gourmet products. [Fundraising Company based in: Richardson, Texas] TX

Gestalt Fundraising - Earn 30% to 60%+ profit for your favorite group with unique, quality, full color credit card size and weight custom, prepaid fundraiser phone cards. Fundraising Company based in: Dallas, Texas] TX

Fundraisers @ Candle Wishes - Let us help you raise the money your fundraiser organization deserves. Easy, fun and highly profitable. We have the latest technology in candle making for a cleaner environment. [Fundraising Company based in: St. Paul, Texas] TX

Fundraiser 4 U- We are eager to show you how Town Square can help you make your next fundraiser campaign the most successful ever! [Fundraising Company based in: Splendora, Texas] TX

Home Team Fundraiser Sportswear - Offers toddler and youth size cheerleading uniforms and football jerseys in team colors. [Fundraising Company based in: Mason, Texas] TX

KMT Fundraiser Distributors - Discount coupons for fundraisers. No clipping or cutting. Consumers choose the coupons they want from a catalog of over 1,000 major manufacturer coupons. [Fundraising Company based in: Austin, Texas] TX

Watts Fundraising - Offers cookie dough, muffin dough, coffee, mugs, wrapping paper, pretzels, candy, confections, and gifts. [Fundraising Company based in: Round Rock, Texas] TX

Y-Coach Fundraiser - Personalized auto fundraiser decals feature your team or mascot name, a graphic design associated with your activity or sport, along with the athletes name and jersey number. [Fundraising Company based in: San Antonio, Texas] TX

Your Name In Lights Fundraiser - Blinking strobe buttons make great fundraisers for churches, schools, clubs. Schools & booster clubs have 30 days to pay. [Fundraising Company based in: Greeneville, Texas] TX

Pecan Producers Fundraising - Located in Texas, sells quality fresh shelled pecans, chocolate and candy pecans, and gift baskets for fundraisers. [Fundraising Company based in: Goldthwaite, Texas] TX

QSP of Houston Fundraiser- Professional fund raising programs for schools and civic organizations featuring Reader's Digest and World's Finest fundraiser Chocolates. [Fundraising Company based in: Houston, Texas] TX

Amazing Fundraiser Pavers - Assists organizations in successful fundraiser efforts with engraved brick pavers. [Fundraising Company based in: Lufkin, Texas] TX

AIM Fundraising -We have been doing fundraisers since 1986 helping schools, clubs, teams, and churches in the USA raise over 5 million dollars.[Fundraising Company based in: Georgetown, Texas] TX

Excel Fundraising - Excel offers customized order taking programs with the flexibility to meet all of your organization's fundraiser needs. [Fundraising Company based in: Corpus Christi, Texas] TX

BRVC Fundraiser - Specializing in celebrity, athlete, and artist licensing programs for charity fundraiser utilizing prepaid collectible phone cards. [Fundraising Company based in: Dallas, Texas] TX

Cyber Scans Fundraisers - Are you looking for a new fundraiser for your church, school, club, fraternity, alumni association, PTA, or non-profit organization? No start up capital required. [Fundraising Company based in: San Antonio, Texas] TX

River Royal Fundraising - We specialize in citrus fruit and pecan sales as fundraisers for your organization. All instructions and promotional materials are available, free of charge. [Fundraising Company based in: Donna, Texas] TX

EPD Fundraiser - Fundraiser projects for schools, clubs and organizations featuring school spirit items including spirit buddies and a scratch and save program that requires no selling.[Fundraising Company based in: Freeport, Texas] TX

Virtual Commerce Fundraiser - Fundraisers with lifetime reminder services for busy people. 51% profit means $1000+ potential. [Fundraising Company based in: Dallas, Texas] TX

Creative Scentsations Fundraiser Candles - Great triple scented candles available for your organization. We have wonderful long lasting candles that your organization will be proud to sell. Earn 40% of the fundraiser profits! [Fundraising Company based in: Pearland, Texas] TX

Cargill Associates - Cargill Associates, a national fund-raising firm, has been serving non-profit, institutions, fundraisers and churches since 1976. [Fundraising Company based in: Ft. Worth, Texas] TX

Spirit Fundraisers - The Spirit Hand foam No. 1 Finger! As seen on national TV, the Spirit Hand is a staple of school spirit. Use the hand to boost your school spirit and make profit for your fundraiser organization. [Fundraising Company based in: Montgomery, Texas, Texas] TX

LeMel Candle Fundraisers - A fundraiser designed to generate 50% profit on eachsale. We sell them to you for $6.00, you sell them for $12.00 keeping $6.00 profit for your organization. [Fundraising Company based in: San Angelo, Texas] TX

Harvest Home Fundraiser - Unique fundraising opportunity selling all natural soy wax candles. Safe, longer lasting candles. Our exclusive residual income program lets you keep earning dollars after the fundraiser is over. [Fundraising Company based in: Celina, Texas] TX

Coffee Wholesale Fundraising - Fundraising made simple, easy, fun profitable. [Fundraising Company based in: Round Rock, Texas] TX

Coffee City USA - Raise funds for your school, club, church or organization with a different fundraiser and fun .... coffee. [Fundraising Company based in: Tyler, Texas] TX Fundraiser - Enables non-profit organizations to accept and manage secure online credit card donations. Additional online fundraiser features include e-newsletters, event registration, and e-mail campaign promotion. [Fundraising Company based in: Houston, Texas] TX

Fundraiser at - Provides non-profit organizations secure online donation forms that are fully integrated with online payment gateways for real-time credit card donation processing. Great fundraiser. [Fundraising Company based in: Dallas, Texas] TX

Confess Your Faith Fundraiser - Christian t-shirts of evangelistic nature at discount prices for Christian fundraisers. [Fundraising Company based in: Grand Prairie, Texas] TX

K-12 Fundraiser Mascots - sells of small plush mascots to be used as a fundraiser. [Fundraising Company based in: Beaumont, Texas] TX

Fundraiser Jontra - Specialty and novelty watches for fundraisers. [Fundraising Company based in: Austin, Texas] TX

Action Fundraising Company - Offers the highest quality, name brand and innovative fundraiser products to school, sports, church and other nonprofit youth groups. [Fundraising Company based in: Magnolia, Texas] TX

Official Fundraising - Provides Hershey products to schools and youth fundraiser leagues across the United States. [Fundraising Company based in: Farmers Branch, Texas] TX

Airlume Fundraiser - A simple, easy to implement, highly profitable, cost free, everything provided fundraiser! [Fundraising Company based in: Laredo, Texas] TX

MakeScents Fundraising - We aren't the cheapest option.. We offer a higher quality fundraiser candle that insures repeat sales along with prize rebates, a referral program and re-order residuals. [Fundraising Company based in: Red Oaks, Texas] TX

BJON'S Fundraising Candle Company - Candles are available for wholesale purchase to fundraisers across the United States. [Fundraising Company based in: Ore City, Texas] TX

It's Murder Fundraiser - Murder mystery parties suitable for fundraisers. [Fundraising Company based in: Houston, Texas] TX

JJ's Fundraising- Offers a fundraiser that requires no money up-front and provides you with high quality products to sell, a simple program to administrate, and very good profit potential. [Fundraising Company based in: Robinson, Texas] TX

InnoScents Fundraiser - InnoScents fundraiser candles are made from 100% soybean wax, soy fragrance, soy dyes, cotton wicks dipped in soy wax, and are also hand poured. We support the American farmers and are members of GO TEXAN. [Fundraising Company based in: Wills Point, Texas] TX

Foreman Foods Fundraiser -Popnots! The crunchiest popcorn on the planet! Crunchy, half-popped popcorn, that's ready-to-eat: original salted, white cheddar, butter, spicy cheese. Certified kosher fundraiser. [Fundraising Company based in: Austin, Texas] TX

Deanan® Products Fundraiser - High quality product for fundraising with non-profit groups such as school organizations, school stores, churches and sports teams. [Fundraising Company based in: Converse, Texas] TX

Fischer Wieser Fundraiser Specialty Foods - Purchase any product from our site and we will donate a minimum 5% of the fundraiser purchase price to the organization of your choice. [Fundraising Company based in: Fredericksburg, Texas] TX

Fundraising Safaris - We organize 8 day fundraiser trekkings in Kenya. Participants raise funds on sponsorship per km walked. Great scenery and abundant game viewing. Suitable for charities, churches and schools. [Fundraising Company based in: Austin, Texas] TX

Old Time Wooden Nickel Fundraiser - Custom printed wooden nickels for fundraiser events, organizations, and individuals. [Fundraising Company based in: San Antonio, Texas] TX Fundraiser - Our lollipop fundraiser package offers 50% profit on the sale price. With free shipping and free sale aids, your organization has nothing to lose![Fundraising Company based in: Arlington, Texas] TX

Cactus Rock Fundraisers - Unique, totally handcrafted, spirit pen coverings, bracelets, and barrettes, which make excellent, yet inexpensive fundraiser items for all ages. Net profit of up to 100%! [Fundraising Company based in: Waco, Texas] TX

Candle Fundraising Wishes- A simple fundraiser for any size group. Your organization makes 50% of sales and receives free shipping. You owe it to your organization to check out this site. [Fundraising Company based in: Saint Paul, Texas] TX

R J Pfraga's Fundraising- Contact our office for information on how we can help your organization earn fundraiser dollars. [Fundraising Company based in: Pflugerville, Texas] TX

Clayworks Studio/Gallery Fundraiser - Our fundraiser pavers, inscribed with donors' names, have helped raise millions of dollars for public projects nationwide. Pavers are hand inscribed in terra cotta or buff colored clay. [Fundraising Company based in: Austin, Texas] TX

CoolSchool Fundraisers USA - We provide great customer service, no upfront money if a school PO is attached and 50 % profit margin on everything we carry specializing in custom watches for schools. NIce fundraiser[Fundraising Company based in: Houston, Texas] TX

Cynthia Austin Fundraising -Offers economy to elite fundraising products for Christian organizations. We offer no fundraiser start-up cost programs with 100% profit earnings.[Fundraising Company based in: Duncanville, Texas] TX

Fundraiser Consulting Services - Offers technical assistance, grant writing, training and evaluation services to nonprofit entities, fundraisers, government agencies and corporations. [Fundraising Company based in: Houston, Texas] TX

Blue Star Fundraiser Candles - A simple, highly profitable, cost free, everything provided fundraiser! 100% guarantee! Our 2 lines of candles each have 12 wonderful fragrances! The candle burns more than 30 hours. [Fundraising Company based in: Lubbock, Texas] TX

Unseen Wings Fundraiser - Touching photographs of angels carrying out God's will in everyday life situations. A great fundraiser for your church, club, hospital or organization. 50% profit. [Fundraising Company based in: Abilene, Texas] TX

Durham-Ellis Fundraiser Pecans - Durham-Ellis Pecan fundraiser has been in the "nut" business for 75 years. We offer a wide variety of nuts and gift items with competitive prices. [Fundraising Company based in: Comanche, Texas] TX

Featured Fundraisers                            
 Fundraising Idea All Star 1 Fundraising - 60% Profit: Make $7.20, Cookie Dough or 5-pack Mini Pizzas; $6.00, 12" Pizza or Candle; $7.50, Pretzels; $3.00, Caramel Corn or Healthy Snacks. Since 1985, from Oklahoma City. Serving all 48 states. No 'up-front' money! 1/800/642-4766

 Fundraising Idea The Perfect Candle Fundraiser - LOOK NO FURTHER! Our candle fundraisers are PROVEN time and time again to be among the best in fundraising! Your supporters will love these candles! Give them something worthy of their donation! No waiting for YOUR money! FREE brochures.

Scratch Card Fundraising Scratch & Help Fundraiser - 90% Profit Fundraising! Visit us for a FREE sample. Each donor receives $50 in valuable coupons. A fast and easy fundraiser serving all of America.

Canle Fundraising We've Simplified Fundraising! - Up to 90% profit - No money up-front - Free Shipping - Best Choice: M&M and Hershey candy bars, scratch cards, lollipops, cookie dough, candles and much more! Request FREE Fundraising Info NOW! OR Call Toll Free 1-888-440-4114

Group Fundraising FundRaising.Com - High Profit for YOUR group! - We specialize in large and small groups and have the #1 selection of fast selling and high profit products. Choose from scratch cards, custom label bottled water, lollipops, beef jerky, Hershey's, Domino's Pizza Cards, cookie dough, etc. Click here to order a free fundraising catalog of ideas or call 1-800-443-5353.

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